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Bryson, age 66, functions as something of a literary palate cleanser for me.

Book review: Bill Bryson’s African Diary, by Bill Bryson

I find that, after polishing off a cinderblock-sized tome about a despot, it helps for the next book to be something funny and erudite. But know that, should you do so, your life will be richly blessed in return. The end is near and the mourning has preemptively begun.

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It has an untraditional origin story. During his time in eastern Africa, planes nearly crash, exotic diseases and insects menace, panhandlers threaten tourists with weaponized excreta, and so forth. But, true to his charter, Bryson splices in the stark realities faced by the residents of the Kibera slum in Nairobi, Kenya, as well as the plight of refugees living in the Dadaab refugee camp near Mombasa.

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At the time of his writing — in and around — there were just over , people in this refugee camp. As of , not only is the camp still in existence, but it has grown to house more than , refugees. The problem has only gotten worse with time.

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