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Comment temporarily settling down Comment :o Ja, Jools.. Und ich bin umgezogen, bin jetzt etwa 3,5 Stunden von Philadelphia, in den Bergen :o Keine Zeit -- ich muss mich zu einem Meeting beeilen! Comment harambee: We're not buying a house, we're building one.

So it will be a 6-unit house and each party owns a flat in it. This house was the reason we came here in the first place, because the hubby and his business partner are the architects who initiated this whole project and are now building it. Comment Okay, as expected you are still the lion-hearted type, Jools. To me becoming a member of an owners' association sounds like a very heroic move ;-. Comment Well I just rolled with it. Comment Good luck! Noch eines: gestern hat es g e r e g n e t und heute soll es wieder r e g n e n.

Comment Hello Lara Greetings from Austria. Was the decision hard to change the job? Or was it a must do. I am also thinking about changing my job. In our office I am the only one employee. I am often talking about this situation. But the chief don't employ someone in addition.

But the boss doesn't want to employ anyone else. Guten Abend, ocram. Deswegen unter anderem hat es Lara endlich auch ja gereicht. Es regnet. Comment Hi Lara!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hi Joools!!!!!!!!!!!! Lovely to have you back! Racing snails, and old friends turning up - I have to read it all tomorrow because I'm going to bed early today.

Sat morning The Feininger exhibition was very nice. Yes, he is a son of Lyonel's, and he was a kind of revolutionary of architecture photography, invented new technology of photography etc.

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I was really impressed with his photos of New York in the nineteen forties. Goldammer, I do not know much about Andreas but a lot more about Lionel Feininger. In my School time I lived in a village near Weimar, Gelmeroda place of the church that is subject of Feininger's most famous picture.

In about an houre I will go to the fleamarket, hunting for some goodies. Comment Hi Steve! Will you tell us what you hunted down on the flea market? I'm always curious! I like the style of Lyonel Feininger's pictures, and I agree with RenaRd that Andreas Feininger's way of looking at things and capturing them in his photographs reminds me of his father's painting style. He was also influenced by the "Bauhaus", of course, and his photos of architecture and people together obviously was really something new; before that, architecture photographers tried to exclude people from their photos if possible.

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I might give it a try. Comment Goldammer, I did not find very special stuff exept a Buddelship,quite big and not very expensive. It is one moore dust catcher in my maritime bathroom. Since I was still living in Dortmund at that time I had to commute every weekend. One week it happened that I started to see every object twice.

Slightly first it got worse as soon as I approached the Autobahn to Dortmund on Friday afternoon. Still km to go, but I had to go there. Anyway, at the time I arrived in Dortmund I knew I had to go to a hospital. The one I chose was led by catholic nuns sisters with quite strict rules for a young man like me no female visitors after 6 p. I was supposed to stay there for a week, so after two days I started drawing which I used to do a lot when I was young. Friends had brought carbons charcoal-pens? Among others I drew a typical Feininger-church from my memory.

The nuns loved it, so gave it as a present to the staff. After eight days of Ringer-infusions I was released. The reason for my disease has never been found, btw. It was assumed to be a vitamin deficiency. I loved Feininger once and I still do. He helped me through an otherwise boring week. Comment I assume you have heard about the terror attack in Nairobi. The shopping mall that was attacked - al-Shabaab claims responsibility for the attack - is not a place I have visited very often, but I know it and have been there a few times.

Du reist bald nach Kenja ab, oder? Mjam, lecker! Comment Like Amy too, when I read these news I immediately had to think of you, harambee. The German writing, Amy , would be Kenia.

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And a buddelship is a ship in a bottle, I assume, particularly since this would be well placed in a "maritime bathroom" mumblingtomyself: What might this be - sea shells in the tub, a padded shark on the wall? Great to see you back, Lara and Jools. And so good to see you enjoy the changes that happened in your lives. That's what I call good fortune, RenaRd , nuns that are bribable ;- And Edith would like to know, if there's a chance to taste Amy's pizza, sounds interesting Comment maritime bathroom: Ein Badezimmer mit geschmackvollem Seedekor.

Die Pizza wird leider nicht so lecker, glaube ich. Ich habe einen neuen Boden probiert und erhebliche Schwierigkeiten damit gehabt. Mal sehen, ob aus dem Teig doch was wird.

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Nur die richtige neue Stelle zu finden war schwierig. It is meant to be humorous, fast paced It was great fun to read, a lot of laugh out loud moments, but also edge-of-your-seat, nail-biting tension and who doesn't love a good con artist?? I had it on my shelf for about a year and I could kick myself for waiting so long to start reading it.

Comment Das ist ja furchtbar, harambee. Ich bin mit meinem Bruder zu Westgate gegangen, als ich in Nairobi war. Trotzdem ist es gut zu wissen, dass sie hier sind. Das war eine Interessante Geschichte. Tja, stechbare Nonnen. Er hat eine Hefeinfektion im Magen, und wenn er Kohlenhydrate isst, braut der eigene Magen den Alkohol, und er wird betrunken. Jetzt brauchen wir nur noch Pippa.

Nun muss ich bis zum Dezember warten, bevor sie mir Bescheid sagen. Inzwischen werde ich weiter daran arbeiten. Die Ideen sind sowieso nutzbar. Comment Moin snails, Amy, "Buddel" is Plattdeutsch and means "bottle", so a Buddelship is a ship in a bottle. In the bottle that I bought is the "Rickmer Rickmers"!

Now it is a ship museum in the port of Hamburg. This morning I had, after a long time, a big chicken egg for breakfeast, my quails stoppt laying eggs. Next spring they will start again. But only if their cruel fate will not be the roast pott. Comment Robert I really love your "stechbare Nonnen"! Or was that an intended pun? Die Ideen sind sowieso auf jeden Fall benutzbar. I liked your story, too, RenaRd! Terrible news from Kenya indeed.

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  4. There have also been terrorist attacks in Iraq again with many people killed. I notice with shame that such news from Iraq have a certain touch of "normality" meanwhile, you somehow register them with some shock or dismay, and then move on. Election day here today! We'll go to our son's former day care center after breakfast and vote.

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    It's going to be a neck-and-neck race, according to the latest polls. Comment harambee : In the news an hour ago they said that there are still hostages in the mall held by al-Shabab. Late last night there was a special on TV arte about the philosophical aspects of procrastination — really funny! Comment Danke, RenaRd.