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There is no indication that Gideon considers his presence at all strange. The reader, however, knows that, since the narrator has Yahweh taking part in the conversation vv. The scene is reminiscent of the burning bush except that both Yahwehs have speaking roles.

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This serves to put the two characters on the same level to the reader. That tactic is by now familiar—putting both figures on par to blur the distinction. But in the case of Judges 6, the writer also makes them clearly separate. That there are two clearly separate Yahweh figures becomes more dramatic after verse Gideon asks the man who is logically the angel of Yahweh to stay put while Gideon makes a meal for him.

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The stranger agrees. When Gideon returns, he brings the meal to the tree v. The narrator has the Angel of God receiving it.

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Now comes the shocker. The angel of Yahweh burns up the sacrifice and then leaves v.

Not only did the writer blur the distinction between the two figures, but he had them both in the same scene. Christians affirm that God is more than one Person, but that each of those Persons is the same in essence. We affirm that Jesus is one of those Persons. He is God. The Father is not the Son, and the Son is not the Father. Nevertheless, they are the same in essence. This theology did not originate in the New Testament.

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There are two Yahweh figures in Old Testament thinking—one invisible, the other visible and human in form. Judaism before the first century, the time of Jesus, knew this teaching. But once this teaching came to involve the risen Jesus of Nazareth, Judaism could no longer tolerate it. Thank you Dr. I simply find these excerpts like joining a dig through amazing treasures of wisdom and knowledge. It is all very helpful, and it stirs my heart with praise to God for the complexities of truth he has woven through his word.

Thank you for sharing this. Please update my comment. Share on Twitter. And then God tells us his name.

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The following post is adapted from The Unseen Realm. Is the angel of Yahweh actually Yahweh? The name of Yahweh is in the angel We know what happens after the burning bush. The Old Testament uses Yahweh and his angel interchangeably Other passages confirm that this reading is correct. The angel of Yahweh departs from Israel The angel of Exodus —23 did indeed go with Moses and Joshua to claim the promised land. Yahweh and his angel are one, and yet separate The call of Gideon in Judges 6 includes one appearance during this period.

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The Trinity in the Old Testament? What Really Happened at the Tower of Babel? Share this post! Comments Jean says:. November 22, at pm.

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