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Bring a pacifier, the sucking will alleviate the ear pressure. Breast feed if you can at take off and into flight, baby will sleep. Older kids ears pop too, an awful feeling. If too young for gum, bring a drink and explain, we will be taking off, to prevent your ears from hurting, suck on the straw, drink now. Or give them a lollipop ring.

My middle son was almost two when we took him and his 13 year old brother to Disneyland. We flew coach. Bring favorite toys but most of all fav. I travel Austin — Boston — Austin once a month, first class. Vacation I flew to and from Paris business class, to Brazil years before- you get it — all over. I am highly allergic to cats. I booked my seat first class and the young woman beside me smiled a lot and was nice. I began to read my book and sip my drink. Then — hives, itchy, sneezing, had to go to bathroom to wet face and sneeze. Confused at this sudden illness, I went back to my seat, using my neck scarf to cover my face and try to read.

Did I miss something? When the booking process asked for allergies I said no, thinking food allergies since it was on that site. Let the neighbor KNOW. I walked off that flight with hives, sneezing, not until a day later and a benedryl which I bought minutes off the plane, did I feel semi ok.

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I Personally believe it should be mandated by the IFA or whoever the world body is for policing Airlines, that access to premium cabins i. First Class and Business Class should be barred to individuals aged under 10 years of age for Business Class i. And First Class should be restricted with anyone aged 14 and under barred from being present in any area of First Class for the entire flight.

Give me a break!!! Anyone that disagrees must be a delusional! Some people book these trips as a sort or trip of a lifetime and they pay nearly half a years wages in some cases. To follow on to this. There are countless things in the world that the majority suffers because of a lack of self regulation by a minority and thus the majority or everyone goes without. I agree with you, I fly first class and have had horrific experience with Comfort Pets, allergies never told a cat or dog would be seated in first class next to me. However, as a mom, I offered tips -my 3 infants never made a fuss since I understood the air pressure and they should be sucking a pacifier, who cares if they were weaned off them, help poor kid get through the ear pain from take offs and landings.

Too old for pacifiers, Gerbers cookies they can suck and the point is keep swallowing until take off is leveled and landing is leveled. Rock them to sleep with things that temporarily promote Regression. Do cartwheels to make your child behave and you can relax and so can the other people including flight staff. I have to stay that though I completely disagree with you, I can empathize with your point of view. Before I had a child, I would have laid the most reasonable-sounding, persuasive argument against children being in business or first class.

However, I have had the misfortune of recently flying with my toddler.

My kid is the kind you would find in a corner singing to themselves. A happy child.

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Yet, that kid had a complete meltdown on the plane, screaming with hysterics, all because we fastened the seat belt! Just to help you envision how ridiculously unexpected this was, let me tell you that since birth my kids has NEVER ridden any mode of transportation without being securely fastened in a carseat we have 3!

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Additionally, this was NOT their first time on a plane -so this was totally unprecedented. I had 3 kinds of entertainment devices not including the iCE , favorite books, favorite stuff toys, favorite blanket, a lollipop and none of it put a dent in that tantrum. My baby screamed until cries turned into gasps for breath and there was nothing we could do. No one knows how isolating parenthood is until they become a parent. And herein lies the problem. But we fastened their seatbelt and they lost it.

And to that end — we will show you a complete lack of understanding and respect. You do your part and we will do ours. Good day! I have three grown kid and recall those days.

Even if they outgrew a pacifier I would let babies have it since sucking prevents ear pain. Adults who experience ear pain or popping during take off and landing chew gum. So a pacifier or if old enough a Gerber cookie they can suck on works. Great you bring favorite toys and continue to do so and suggest. But physical discomfort is the ear popping a large percentage of people feel. They become happy the old friend has returned!

This relives physical pain and change diapers immediatey, bring swaddling blankets, this is a horrific expeerience for kids whose parents never experienced the ear pain upon take off and landing. This advice worked on my 3, all different personalities. Stop making this post a long ass rambling comments about yourself and how great you are as a stupid ass soccer mom to your spoiled rotten rugrats. Pretty sad and pathetic article. I am business traveler and I travel these distances with my child from when he was 2 months to now 6 years old.

He is generally great once we are on the plane but there has been a time when it was not so good it was the extra 45 minutes waiting for a gate after landing. I pay for the business class for my son because as a smaller child those lay flat seats are like a play pen to contain him and as my autistic child has gotten older it is a quiet cocoon of security. My son and I have every right to be in business class. Liz, oh Liz. Stop playing the victim and start acting like a respectable member of society.

But what we do have a right to is a relaxing and premium experience, of which a screaming baby or Autistic child throwing a fit completely ruins for the rest of the cabin. It is a place where people who fly every week for work get to get a few hours of sleep before they have to jump into a meeting on the other side of the world. To them it is not a luxury…it is a pure necessity to do their jobs properly. I was actually astonished to learn that children are allowed in business class. I mean WHY do kids have to be everywhere?? And why are there only so few parents who actually know what parenting is??

My mum was always very clear about this.

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So what they are kids? But screaming, running and just doing as they please, bothering other passengers is just not right. Not in Economy and not in Business Class. It is about time there came child free flights. Oh yes, parents will be insulted. But let them be. They can take that other plane full of screaming monsters just like their own. Must be a very bonding experience. Totaly agree.

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If I spend my hard earned money to fly business class I expect not to be bothered screaming brats. Procreation should only be for those that have taken a parenting course and are ready for the responsibilities. Just like getting your drivers license. Just reading this made me disgusted. Are parents seriously getting that bad and that entitled?! Record the bad behaviour and post it on Facebook, and demand a refund.

I now also have a 9 month old son. If we know one lounge is better equipped for kids than the one we are flying on, we will use status to access that lounge instead. During flight both Mom and I work hard to ensure that kids are entertained for the duration.

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Entertainment is provided throughout cruise to keep them occupied and minimize their impact on our neighbors.