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The Democratic strategy of targeting women, minorities and the young was vindicated with the new House majority. We saw record liberal turnout in many suburbs. Could none of these writers, or others like them, be recruited for Tales of Two Americas? The stories, poems, and nonfiction centered on the traditionally downtrodden—immigrants and people of color—are much stronger, even the ones by white writers.

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How many threads could you pull before the social fabric disintegrated? Tales of Two Americas may be a great title, but it ill serves its subject. America is fractured right now into many more than two pieces, and some important ones are either missing or misrepresented, making this collection less than the sum of its parts. Lest that sound harsh, let me add that the parts provide much value—insight, humanity, empathy, outrage, but most of all, profound reading pleasure.

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Atlanta Lake. Bay of Tucson. Fort Worth. Dallas Pond.

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Selma Sea. El Paso Bay. Austin Pond. Houston Bay. San Antonio Lake. New Orleans Inlet. Lake Disney. Laredo Gulf. Tampa Bay. Corpus Christi. Miami Bay.

Seattle Sound. Lakota Lake. Orleans Inlet. By Tim Wallace. Great Falls. Standing Rock Pond. Montana Archipelago. Old Glacier Gulf. Maine Cove. Lutsen Island. Northwest Sea. Albany Narrows.

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Coos Bay. Great Bays. New England.

Wyoming Shallows. Reno Island. New York. Salt Lake City. Midwest Isles. Des Moines. San Francisco.

Two Americas: amplified, tearing apart

Blue Ridge Sea. Bakersfield Bay. Las Vegas.