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A six-year-old boy tells his version of why daddy couldn't stay with his family in post-WWII Yugoslavia. In reality, the child's father has gone to prison for romancing the lover of a high-ranking party member, but the boy thinks papa's away working. The husband, Robert, refuses to eat the apple, but wife Eva bites into the luscious fruit. Sitemap

The story of Erika, a middle-aged classical piano instructor who is trapped between her rigid passion for music and her suffocating home life. She escapes her life with nightly voyeuristic wanderings and self-inflicted masochistic experiments. From novel by Elfriede Jelinek. Banned for eight years, Interrogation is a scathing condemnation of political systems that resort to any sort of torture to crush dissent. A cabaret singer in 's Warsaw is victimized by a Stalinist government. A political thriller that satirizes unquestioned conformity.

A group of happy picnickers run afoul of a bullying sadist who has an unbreakable hold over his followers.

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After he interrogates one of them, a stranger then invites everyone to an elegant, formal banquet in the woods. The affair is bizarre, and ends with the group armed and hunting down a guest who chose not to remain. In a ragged section of Vienna, hardened ex-con Alex works in a brothel, where he falls for Ukrainian hooker Tamara.

Their desperate plans for escape unexpectedly intersect with the lives of a rural cop and his seemingly content wife. Two teenage girls decide that since the world is spoiled they will be spoiled as well; accordingly they embark on a series of destructive pranks in which they consume and destroy the world about them. When they find him barely conscious and bleeding, he doesn't speak, so they name him Singapore Sling.

Their hospitality soon turns horrific Disc 1. But he meets Sissi when she's out fishing and falls in love with her. Disc 2. The arch-duchess is constantly interfering with how the emperor rules the empire and how Sissi brings up her first-born daughter. Includes featurette. Disc 3. Ebooks and Manuals

When Sissi becomes ill and Sophie must care for her daughter, Sissi is in danger of losing the will to live. Disc 4. The Sissy Trioloy is presented in a condensed English-language dubbed version that follows the Princess's story from courtship through marriage. Disc 5. Victoria has just been crowned Queen; her family have decided she will marry Germany's Prince Albert, but she has other plans. She stays incognito at a small inn in Dover, and by chance falls in love with a handsome man, who turns out to be Albert.

A series of short films by experimental director, Ferry Radax Sonne halt! Risking her job, her life, and the love of her son to defy the bureacracy, Agnieszka inspires the largest labor strike in world history Four countries--France, Greece, Italy and Switzerland--converged upon a production of this movie. On the Greek border a steady stream of refugees flows on a perpetual basis. Reporter Gregory Karr believes that he's spotted a familiar face among the anonymous throngs. It is a politician Marchello Mastroianni who has long been missing and assumed dead.

A Greek-American director travels in the Balkans in search of lost reels of film shot by the Manakia brothers, pioneers of cinema. Along the way he encounters the conflict still raging in the Balkan states. Two Greek children embark on a mystical journey in search of the father they never knew.

The film follows a man, his daughter, and their horse as they struggle to survive during hard times in the late nineteenth century. The idea for the film came from the story about Nietzsche's supposed breakdown upon witnessing a Turin carriage driver whip his horse. The film focuses on the question of what happened next for the horse and its owners. She is not there only to visit this region of Romania but to trace her lover Milan, a musician who has made her pregnant and who left her without a word of explanation.

When she finds him back, he brutally rejects her and Zingarina is terribly upset. She leaves her two companions and having become a wreck she hardly survives by following a wandering little girl. Her destiny changes for the best when she meets Tchangalo, a traveling trader A tragicomedy about love, friendship, betrayal, manipulation and lies. Deals with the conflicts of Yugoslav history of the past fifty years.

The black marketeer who smuggles the weapons to partisans forgets to mention to the workers that the war is over, and they keep producing. Three college girls embark on a leisurely boat trip. They realize they are being watched and followed by a political extremist group called the guardians of the frontier.

Layers of social, political and historical differences boil to the surface. A small Armenian village faces tough times after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Hamo is a widower with a small military pension and three useless sons. While making one of his daily visits to his wife's grave he meets Nina and the two begin to date. Spanning the years , begins with refugees from Odessa settling on a piece of land that was promised to them on Greece's misty northern plains. The foundling Eleni falls in love with her adoptive brother Alexis, but is forced to marry his widowed father. Eleni flees with Alexi to the nearby port of Thessaloniki.

As the unrest of the s pits fascism against leftism, Alexis, departs for America and leaves Elenis behind to bear the brunt of Greek war, political repression and civil war. In a frostbitten, fogbound provincial town lives a young postman, Janos Valushka. One day a traveling circus comes to town, displaying the stuffed body of the largest whale in the world in a corrugated metal trailer. Their arrival in the midst of a terminal frost prompts bizarre rumors which quickly run rife, alluding to a shadowy figure, dubbed the Prince, who supposedly accompanies the circus.

Within a short time, the gathering tensions ignite, and an apocalyptic unrest is unleashed, the madness sweeping across the frigid, foggy community, and forever changing Janos' life.

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This documentary-fiction film begins as an investigation into the life and work of controversial psychologist and philosopher Wilhelm Reich and then explodes into a free-form narrative of a beautiful young Slavic girl's sexual liberation. Banned upon its release in the director's homeland, this art-house smash is both whimsical and bold in its blending of politics and sexuality. Filmed in Poland in Emotionally distant poet Yusuf returns home to settle his late mother's affairs.

A young girl who's a distant relative awaits him in the crumbling house. Yusuf has been unaware of her existence and is surprised to find that she's been living with his mother for the past five years. Yusuf is now obliged to perform a sacrifice which had been his mother's dying wish. MEDIA Adelheid c In the aftermath of World War II, a former soldier takes charge of a manor formerly owned by a German family.

He falls in love with the daughter, who is now a maid, and is forced to confront the conflict between his love and his conscience when he discovers that she is sheltering her German-soldier brother. When the wife and mistress meet, both conclude they want to be rid of their man. Akropolis Aktorzy prowincjonalni Provincial actors c Christopher, the leading actor in a rural theater troup, must choose between stardom and his wife.

Arsenal Provides a picture of life in the Ukraine in by intercutting scenes showing the miseries of the class struggle in the countryside and the horrors of war at the front. Before the rain a tale in three parts , c In a monastery in Macedonia, a young man must abandon his vows of silence to save a girl from a hate-filled mob. In London, a woman torn between a loveless marriage and a passionate affair with a war photographer finds fate dictates a choice she couldn't make on her own. And in Yugoslavia, the photographer returns to a nation divided by religious hatred and violence. His efforts to salvage some small portion of peace will have and impact no one could foresee, and bring all three stories full circle.

Benny's video c Bilans kwartalny The balance A woman with a happy marriage, a good job, and a child falls in love with an old friend who represents freedom from a safe but dull life. Border Street The lives of several families from different social classes in a neighborhood of pre-war Warsaw are changed by tragic events of a period.

Various individuals cross paths in Belgrade during the Balkan Wars in this dark comedy from Yugoslavia. Canary season Angry and defiant upon his release from prison, young Malin confronts his mother Lily and violently forces her to reveal the truth of the horrors that she had hoped Malin would never know. Capitaine Conan , Capitaine Conan, a dashing soldier who does not let World War I interfere with his pursuit of wine, women and song, leads a band of cutthroat commandos on the front lines of the Bulgarian border.

Feared by his enemies and respected by his subordinates, Conan's cunning and blood lust serve him well in war, but when a peace treaty is signed and the soldiers are shipped to Bucharest, Hungary to await further orders, the trouble begins.

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The capricious summer Rozmarne leto In a sleepy, second-rate resort, three middle-aged friends have their lives disrupted by the sudden appearance of a magician and his assistant. The trio forget about swimming as each man sets about to seduce the assistant. Set in Romania during the last days of the Communist dictatorship, the beautiful, recklessly defiant Nela, after the death of her father, runs off to the country, where she and a brilliant, rudely irreverent doctor conduct a makeshift love affair while trying to survive in a disentegrating society.

Closely watched trains Touching film about a shy, sexually inexperienced train dispatcher. This comedy-drama follows the journey of this young man seeking to fulfill his manhood. A middle-aged engineer comes to a factory to install machinery and falls in love with a young local girl. Presents a harsh look at love and life in a small industrial town set in eastern Serbia.

Czlowiek z marmuru Man of marble The man of marble takes the form of an investigation into a man's life through recollections of several characters.

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A filmmaker uncovers the explosive facts behind a once-celebrated worker's elevation to "stardom" his subsequent downfall and disgrace and his eventual disappearance. Czlowiek z zelaza Man of iron The Polish Solidarity strike takes place at the Gdansk shipyard in the summer of An alcoholic TV journalist is ordered to smear one of the Solidarity's key figures, coined the "man of iron. DANA Daleka Cestaa Distant journey , Das Boot ist voll The boat is full A group of refugees from Nazi Germany seek asylum in Switzerland by posing as a family. Das weisse Band eine deutsche Kindergeschichte c Dekalog The Decalogue Krzysztof Kie slowski.

Presents 10 short films, inspired by the Ten Commandments.